LABBB Career Directions @ Minuteman High School

News & Updates:  


Graduation Dates:  LABBB June TBA, 2016, 

  Last Day of School, June 23 (TBA)  @ 2:30pm, 2016

SUMMER SESSION 2015 DATES: July 6 to July 29.  (18 days) Hours are: 7:45 to 2:30 pm daily. 

August 31 LABBB Professional Day-No Students

Minuteman High School New Student Orientation 8 am-12:30 pm

Sept 1 All students return


Sept 17, 2 hour delayed open, 9:45 1st period

Sept 22, 1/2 day 12:42 dismissal

October 12 Columbus Day School Closed

Oct 13, 2 hour delay, 9:45 1st period

Oct 21, 2 hour delay, 9:45 1st period

Oct 29 LABBB Professional Day-No students

The LABBB Open House has been scheduled for October TBA from 6:30-8:00 in the Lexington High School cafeteria.​​

Nov 4 MCAS ELA Comp. Retest

Nov 5-6 MCAS ELA Rdg Comp Retest

Nov 11 Veteran’s Day No school

Nov 9-10 MCAS Math Retest

Nov 22 Career Day 1-4pm

Nov 25 Thanksgiving Recess

Dec 7, 12:42 Dismissal

Dec 8, 2 hour delay, 1st period 9:45

Dec 24-31 Winter Recess School Closed

Jan 1-2 2015, School Closed

Jan 4, 2016 Students return

Jan 14, 11:45 Students Dismissed for LABBB Professional Day 

Jan 18 MLK Day,  School Closed

Feb 1-2 MCAS Biology Test & Retest

Feb 9, 12:42 Dismissal

Feb 16 Presidents Day School Closed

Feb 16-19 Winter Vacation school Closed

Feb 29 MCAS ELA Composition

Mar 1-2 MCAS ELA Reading Comp. Retest

Mar 3-4 MCAS MATH Retest

Mar 17 LABBB Professional Day – No School for CD Students

Mar 22-24 MCAS ELA Rdg Compr. (10th grade only)

Mar 25 No school – Good Friday

April 5, 2 hour delayed open, (9:45am 1st period)

April 15 Spring Recess, 12:42 dismissal

April 18 Patriots Day No School

April 19-22 Spring Vacation School Closed

May 12, 11:45 Dismissal, LABBB Professional Day, Career Direction students dismissed at 11:45am 

May 17-18 MCAS Math

May TBA Special Olympics @ LHS

May 30 Memorial Day School Closed

June 1-2 MCAS STE (science/tech/bio)

June 3 Graduation/Lowell auditorium, 2pm, with all students (MM & LABBB CD) being dismissed at 11:21 am.

June TBA LABBB Graduation Last years high school graduation was electrifying

*June 26, 2:30pm: Last day of school 

 *FINAL EXAMS – Students are responsible for their read aloud books, binder notes, handouts, laptop notes, PPT notes, lecture notes, film notes, and/or any assignments or discussions covered in their courses this year* 

 MCAS Prep sessions after-school at Minuteman High School – CD classroom  2:30-3:30 p.m.  These sessions will focus solely on ELA, Math, and Biology concepts. 

Refer to MM school calendar for all MCAS test dates.  


The LABBB Career Directions Program @ Minuteman High School rolls into year 8!  We want to welcome all students and families to our unique and specialized program.  Our intention is for each person to seize each opportunity before them and progress toward their vision and career choice as the year unfolds.

The below items are strongly recommended for your child’s preparation, organization, and success. On the MM website you will find the student handbook, calendar, Internet use forms, bullying forms, and other relevant school items.

Please review the MM handbook with your child before and during the school year.  You should also avail yourselves to the website as there are many valuable resources for students and families.

Thinking about college after your high school experience?  Follow the link below and read all about it.

Dear Parents start-up-letter-2015-2016

updated Career Directions SHOP Options 2015-2016

SchoolCalendar_2015-2016 Minuteman HS

Mr. Walsh's classroom Final Exam time 2014 Executive Functioning: The Basics Executive Functioning Skills – Mr. Walsh suggests…

Unit Overview_Executive Functioning _presentation[1]

Unit Overview_BLANK[1]

Design Guidelines and Format for PPT

Inverted Triangle for presentations

Academic To Do Form:  SAMPLE TO DO WEEK OF JULY 21

Strongly Recommended Items:


Electronic notebook/laptop

Safety Glasses


One 3-Inch Binder for 5 Subjects

Blue/Black pens and pencils

Wish List Items:

Box(es) of tissues


Expo whiteboard markers, cleaner & erasers

Paper Towels

Hand sanitizer

Below you’ll find a sampling of our past and current academics.  As we set out for our new journey, I’ll reference our class motto:

“Prepared for Work, Ready to Work, Get it Done, Let’s Roll!”   


Career Direction Academic Samples: 

U.S. History (2014-2015) The Colonial Era & The American Revolution

The American Journey Textbook Assignments

Page 100 Reading Strategy Classifying Information Economic Development Chart Page 103 Geography skills answer questions 1 and 2 Page 106 Section 1 Assessment answer questions 1-6

Page 108 Define Key terms Page 108 Reading Strategy Organizing Information Complete Chart Page 113 Section 2 Assessment answer questions 1-6

Page 116 Define key terms Page 116 Reading Strategy Organizing Information Complete Chart Page 117 Geography Skills Answer questions 1 and 2 Page 119 Section 3 Assessment Answer questions 1-6

Page 121 Define key terms Page 121 Reading Strategy Organizing Information Complete Chart Page 123 Geography Skills Answer questions 1 and 2 Page 125 Section 4 Assessment Answer questions 1-6

Page 132 Define Key Terms Page 132 Reading Strategy Classifying Information Complete Chart Page 133 Geography skills answer questions 1 and 2 Page 135 Section 1 Assessment Answer questions 1-6

Page 136 Define Key Terms Page 136 Reading Strategy Organizing Information Complete Chart Page 139 Section 2 Assessment Answer questions 1-6

Page 141 Define Key Terms Page 141 Reading Strategy Sequencing Information Complete the chart Page 143 Geography Skills answer questions 1 and 2 Page 145 Section 3 Assessment answer questions 1-6

Page 147 Define Key terms Page 147 Reading Strategy Organizing Information Complete Chart Page 151 Section 4 Assessment Answer questions 1-6

Page 162 Define Key terms Page 162 Reading Strategy Classifying Information Complete Chart Page 165 Geography skills answer questions 1 and 2 Page 168 Section 1 Assessment Answer questions 1-6

Page 172 Define Key Terms Page 172 Reading Strategy Classifying Information Complete Chart Page 174 Drawing Conclusions Page 176 Section 2 Assessment Answer Questions 1-6

Page 177 Define Key Terms Page 177 Reading Strategy Organizing Information Complete Chart Page 179 What Might Have Happened? Answer 1 and 2 Page 181 Geography Skills answer questions 1 and 2 Page 182 Section 3 Assessment Answer Questions 1-6

Page 183 Define Key Terms Page 183 Reading Strategy Organizing Information Complete Chart Page 187 Section 4 Assessment Answer Questions 1-6

Page 192 Define Key Terms Page 192 Reading Strategy Organizing Information Complete Chart Page 198 Section 1 Assessment Answer questions 1-6

Page 199 Define Key terms Page 199 Reading Strategy Organizing Information Complete Chart Page 201 Picturing History answer the 1 question Page 205 Section 2 Assessment Answer Questions 1-6

Page 207 Define Key Terms Page 207 Reading Strategy Organizing Information Complete Chart Page 210 Picturing History: Answer the question about the Supreme Court Page 213 Section 3 Assessment Answer Questions 1-6

Page 217 Define Key Terms under ‘The Constitution’ Page 222 Section I Assessment Answer Questions 1-6 Page 227 Section 2 Assessment Answer Questions 1-6 Page 230 Section 3 Assessment Answer questions 1-6

Page 258 Define Key Terms Page 258 Reading Strategy Classifying Information Complete Chart Page 262 Section 1 Assessment answer Questions 1-6

Page 263 Define Key Terms Page 263 Reading Strategy Classifying Information Complete Chart Page 265 Geography skills answer questions 1 and 2 Page 266 Section 2 Assessment Answer Questions 1-6

Page 267 Define Key Terms Page 267 Reading Strategy Classifying Information Complete Chart Page 268 Graphic Skills Analyzing Information. Page 269 Chart Skills Analyzing Information. Page 272 Section 3 Assessment Answer Questions 1-6

Page 278 Define Key Terms Page 278 Reading Strategy Organizing Information Complete Chart Page 281 Section 1 Assessment Answer Questions 1-6

Page 282 Define Key Terms Page 282 Reading Strategy Classifying Information Complete Chart Page 284 Geography Skills Answer Questions 1 and 2 Page 285 Section 2 Assessment Answer Questions 1-6

Page 288 Define Key Terms Page 289 Chart Skills Imports and Exports Answer Questions 1 and 2 Page 294 Section 3 Assessment Answer Questions 1-6

Page 296 Define Key terms Page 296 Reading Strategy Taking Notes Complete Chart Page 298 Geography Skills Answer Questions 1 and 2 Page 300 Section 4 Assessment Answer Questions 1-6

***Colonial America Final Project***

Hunter Walsh June 2015 Colonial History Presentation

History Colonial Era by Joe Bianco 2015

Bill of Rights Amendments by Ari 2015

Continental and British by Billy, June 2015 (updated version)

Continental and British ppt by Billy 2015

Powers of the Federal Government of the Articles of Confederation vs. United States Constitution by Branden, June 2015

Continental Army vs. British Army by Stephen, 2015 June

Troy Barone History Project American Revolution (1) June 2015

Troy's History Project June 2015, The Battle of Yorktown


1776 film notes

A More Perfect Union

film notes America (film notes)

American Experience film notes

April Morning film notes

Benedict Arnold film notes

Biography George Washington film notes

George Washington mini-series film notes

Drums Along the Mohawk film notes

Founding Brothers film notes

Instant Expert –

Ben Franklin film notes

Jefferson And The Declaration Of Independence film notes

Jefferson film notes

John Adams film notes

Johnny Tremain film notes

Just The Facts film notes

Liberty: The American Revolutionary War film notes

Mary Silliman’s War film notes

Revolution Revisited film notes

Revolutionary War film notes

Secrets of the Founding Fathers film notes

The Crossing Film Notes

The Devil’s Disciple film notes

THE DUEL film notes

The Growth of Pre-Revolutionary America film notes

The Patriot film notes

George Washington (mini-series) film notes.

U.S. History (2012-2013) Cold War Years & The Vietnam War:

America in the 1950s Assessment Project

The Cold War Assessment Project

The Vietnam Era Assessment Project Model by Alex Q. 6/13 Andrew’s Vietnam Era PPT

List of songs about the Vietnam War




Page 794 History Textbook

Page 801 History Textbook

Page 805 History Textbook

Page 809 History Textbook

Page 820 History Textbook

Page 826 History Textbook

Page 831 History Textbook

Page 842 History Textbook

Page 847 History Textbook

Page 853 History Textbook

Page 860 History Textbook

Page 870 History

Textbook Page 876

History Textbook Page 882

History Textbook Page 889


The Jackie Robinson Story Film Notes

Soul of the Game Film Notes

Apocalypse Now

Battle of Hamburger Hill

Born on the Fourth of July

Coming Home

Dear America

Good Morning Vietnam



The Deer Hunter

We Were Soldiers

CBS News, Walter Cronkite DVD Series HISTORY CH’s VIETNAM in HD DVD’s

*Study Questions for the Vietnam War

U.S. HISTORY (2013-2014) THE CIVIL WAR Textbook Assignments

Page 334 The American Journey Textbook

Page 341 The American Journey Textbook

Page 348 The American Journey

Page 356 The American Journey

Page 362 The American Journey

Page 369 The American Journey

Page 375 The American Journey

Page 386 The American Journey

Page 391 The American Journey

Page 397 The American Journey

Page 401 The American Journey

Page 411 The American Journey

Page 418 The American Journey

Page 425 The American Journey

Page 436 The American Journey

Page 441 The American Journey

Page 445 The American Journey

Page 449 The American Journey

Page 460 The American Journey

Page 465 The American Journey

Page 473 The American Journey

Page 478 The American Journey

Page 485 The American Journey

Page 500 The American Journey

Page 504 The American Journey

Page 509 The American Journey

Page 513 The American Journey

Chapter 13 North & South PROJECT

North & South by Darian Almonte

North and South by Bobby


American Civil War Final Project by Nils A.

Civil War Project by Joe 2014

Civil War Project – by Ari 2014

Civil War Project Geno 2014

Civil War Project Troy Barone 2014 Troy and his father Ted working together on the American Civil War Project Civil War Project By Branden #2


Lincoln: His Life and Legacy (history ch.)

The American Civil War (history ch.)

Lee and Grant (history ch.)


Beyond The Civil War (history ch.)

The Hunt for John Wilkes Booth (Film Notes)

The Birth of a Nation Film Notes

Uncle Tom’s Cabin Film Notes

North and South Film Notes

The Red Badge of Courage Film Notes

The Red Badge of Courage (the book)

Gods and Generals Film Notes

Andersonville Film Notes

Gone with the Wind Film Notes

Ride with the Devil Film Notes

Glory Film Notes

The Last Confederate Film Notes

Gettysburg Film Notes

12 Years a Slave Film Notes updated

The Butler Film Notes updated

Ruby Bridges Film Notes updated


The Rosa Parks Story (film notes)

Mandela A Long Walk to Freedom film notes updated

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Film Notes

U.S. History (2011-2012) WWII:

History: The Depression and FDR’s New Deal Assignment

The Great Depression PPT Sarah and Bobby

FDR’s New Deal by Noel



WW2 Biography By Sarah Bibbey

Schindler LIST PPT


Oskar Schindler Test


The Drifter – Adolph Hitler

The Holocaust PPT

holocaust anti-semitism PPT

WWII Assignment

WW2 Assessment The American Journey pages 782-783


Hidden In Silence Film Notes

Jacob The Liar Film Notes

The Devil’s Arithmetic Film Notes

The Pianist Film Notes

Night and Fog Film Notes

Flying Tigers Film Notes

The Great Escape Film Notes

The Dirty Dozen Film Notes

The Bridge on the River Kwai Film Notes

Tora! Tora! Tora! Film Notes

Battle of the Bulge Film Notes

Patton Film Notes

General Douglas MacArthur Film Notes

Life Is Beautiful Film Notes

Schindler’s List Film Notes


PPT neutrality_PPT





War on Terror Final Exam (2010-2011) War on Terror Final Exam

Science (2009-2016)


Mental health MMCD by Dr. Quinn


Guideline to Setting Up a Display Board for Science Experiment[1]

Science Project # Weekly Check-In Form 5 Senses Web Chart For Science Projects The Scientific Method[1]

Student Science Projects/Samples:

The Science Behind Electricity by Hunter

The Causes and Effects of having a Brain Tumor by Ari

TOBACCO by Troy and Alex Science Project #1 2014

No xplode by Joe sci#3 2015 project

Sean Katebi Science Project 1

Radio controlled vehicles Stephen

How the 2016 Shelby Mustang GT350 Works by Branden

Proper Wilderness Survival (final cut) by Joe & Nils

Buy Now Matthew Mori

Fx Nytro xtx by Harrison

How the 2006 Dodge Charger Daytona RT works updated version by Branden

Concussions and brain injury science by Geno

Fire Alarms ppt Billy

How Oil Drilling Works by bobby

Drew science project #3 Hydraulics

Snow by Harrison

Aggressive Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Styling, Award-Winning Slash Performance! By Branden Sheehan

How the 2013 SRT Viper Works

Infinite Space by Luis Velez

What is Torque? PPT by Bob

Illegal Drugs in Sports by Matthew M.

Science project by Troy

How the 2016 Shelby Mustang GT350 Works by Branden

Bullet Ants by Geno, 2015

Sean Katebi Science Project 1 2014-2015

MS Science project new Hunter 2014-2015

science project new on loons by Hunter 2015

science project by troy barone – tsunami 2015

Term 4 Tiger Presentation by Ari, June 2015

Alex Quinones Science Project June 2015 Bad Foods

EPA: EPA Healthy-Beginnings-Teachers-Guide EPA ACID RAIN teachers guide

Biology PPTs: (2009-2016)   

*Also good study guides for home practice – MCAS Biology!  Biology students, please refer to your 3-ring binder for your academic To Do handouts.

Biology natural selectionPPT

Biology Adaptation in animalsPPT

Biology Inheritance Basic PPT

Biology Mitosis and Meiosis PPT

Biology replication of DNA and chromosomesPPT

Biology Gregor Mendel PPT

Biology Cell structures lesson1PPT

Biology DNA StructureFood Chains and Webs (1)PPT

Biology Fossils (1)PPT

Biology fungigeneticcode1PPT

Biology Genetics2PPT

Biology Homeostasis of the bodyPPT

Biologly Leaf Structure and PhotosynthesisPPT

Biology Nitrogen Cyclephotosynthesis5PPT

Biology (1)Plant structure adaptations and responsesPPT

Biology Sexual Differentiation LessonPPT

Physcial Science PPT’s (2009-2016)

Physical science students, please refer to your 3-ring binder for your academic To Do handouts.

Physical Science-ColorPPT

Physcial Science-DENSITYPPT

Physical Science-Electricity PracticalPPT

Physical Science-Types of EnergyPPT

Physical Science-Gas pressure & volumePPT

Physical Science-HEAT ENERGYPPT

Physical Science-HouseholdElectricityPPT

Physical Science-MagnetismPPT

Physical Science-Microwave TelescopesPPT

Physical Science-Pressure and MomentsPPT

Physical Science-Radioactive DecayPPT

Physical science telecommunicationPPT

Physical Science Forces and Motion PPT

Physical Science Light and the Electromagnetic Spectrum PPT

Physical Science Newtons_Laws_of_MotionPPT

Physical Science Physical Matter PPT

Physical Science work_and_simple_machinesPPT

Physical Science GravityPPT

Earth Science PPTS (2009-2016)

Earth science students, please refer to your 3-ring binder for your academic To Do handouts.

The Weather PPT by Caleb

Earth Science Biogeochemical Cycles PPT

Earth Science Early Humans PPT

Earth Science Elements PPT

Earth Science Geologic Time and Earth History PPT

Earth Science Geology of Wind Cave

PPT Earth Science Ground Water PPT

Earth Science Prehistoric Art PPT

Earth Science Rocks and Minerals PPT

Earth Science Rocks PPT


Earth Science The Forces of Weathering and Erosion PPT

Earth Science Wetlands PPT

Earth Science Glaciers and Glaciation PPT

Understanding Psychology (2010-2011) Chapter 4 PSYCHOLOGY TEST ADOLESCENCE UPDATED

Street Law: (2011-2012)

Original Ten Amendments QUIZ

Street Law Case Study Quiz Tinker v Des Moines

Street Law Supreme Court Case Study NEW JERSEY v. T.L.O. Quiz STREET LAW Case Study Quiz: Ingraham v Wright 1977

STREET LAW CASE STUDY QUIZ Santa Fe Indpt. School district v Jane Doe (2000)


SUPREME COURT CASE STUDY QUIZ Hazelwood School District v Kuhlmeier (1988)

SUPREME COURT CASE STUDY QUIZ Vernonia School District v Acton (1995)

SUPREME COURT CASE STUDY QUIZ West Side Community Schools v Mergens (1990)

SUPREME COURT CASE STUDY QUIZ Grutter v Bollinger (2003)

SUPREME COURT CASE STUDY QUIZ DeShaney v Winnebago County Social Services (1989)

Street Law Assignment – Gangs & Crimes

Gangs and Crime Research Project By Sarah Bibbey

Gangs & Crime PPT by Drew

Carl’s Street Law – Gangs PPT



The Hurricane Film Themes

BOB DYLAN LYRICS (Rubin “The Hurricane” Carter)

Bruce Springsteen Dead Man Walking Lyrics

Dead Man Walking Film Notes

Charles Starkweather

Bruce Springsteen Nebraska Lyrics

Bruce Springsteen Johnny 99 Lyrics

The Verdict Film Notes

A Civil Action Film Notes

To Kill a Mockingbird Film Notes

Erin Brockovich Film Notes

And Justice for All Film Notes

The Roaring Twenties Film Notes

The Public Enemy Film Notes

Little Caesar Film Notes

Smart Money Film Notes

Math Test (2010-2011): Fundamental Math Final Exam

Algebra (2012-2016) Practice & Self-Checking PPTs & Practice Quizzes

Algebra PPT Lesson 1-1

Algebra QUIZ LESSON 1-1

Algebra PPT lesson 1-2

Algebra QUIZ LESSON 1-2

Algebra PPT Lesson 1-3

Algebra QUIZ Lesson 1-3

Algebra PPT Lesson 1-4

Algebra Quiz Lesson 1-4

Algebra PPT Lesson 1-5

Algebra Quiz Lesson 1-5

Algebra PPT Lesson 1-6

Lesson 1-6 Algebra Quiz

Algebra PPT Lesson 1-7


Algebra PPT Lesson 1-9

Lesson 1-9 Algebra Quiz Part A

Lesson 1-9 Algebra Quiz Part B

Algebra PPT Lesson 2-1

Algebra PPT Lesson 2-2

Algebra Quiz 2-2

Algebra PPT Lesson 2-3

Algebra Quiz Lesson 2-3

Algebra PPT Lesson 2-4

Algebra Quiz Lesson 2-4

Algebra PPT Lesson 2-5

Algebra Quiz Lesson 2-5

Algebra PPT Lesson 2-6

Algebra PPT Lesson 2-7

Algebra PPT Lesson 2-8

Algebra PPT Lesson 2-9

Algebra PPT Lesson 2-10

Mathematics: Financial/Consumer/Applied (2013-2016)

Financial Math Assignment 2014-2015 

Financial Math Assignment

Joe Bianco Finanical Math final exam case study answer 2014


Career Math Quiz #2

Career Math Quiz #3


Career Math Quiz #5

Career Math Quiz #6


Career Math #8 Quiz

Baby Steps

Big Goals

Basic Student Budget

Monthly Cash Flow Plan

Monthly College Planning

2013 Most Fuel Efficient Cars Quiz #1


Career Planning Worksheet Lesson 1 SAMPLE

Percentages and Money Calculating the Amount of a Discount Sample

English Language Arts (2013-2016)


Bobby who am i

Who Are You ppt by Joe Bianco

ELA #1 Assignment – PPT –  Who Are You? (2009-2016)

Who Are You by Joe Bianco (updated) Who Are You PPT

About me by Ari Thomas

Alex Quinones Who Are You 2014 2015 updated

Who Are You by Angelo

Who am I by Steve

Who Are you Billy Nigzus

Who am I by Matt Mori

Who am I Harrison

Who Am I By Branden Sheehan

Who are you ppt 2 by Hunter 2014

Who are you by Troy

Who am I by Geno

Who’s That Asian Boy by Sean K. 2014

Who Are You PPT by Drew Perry

My name is Andrew Cruz

Branden S. – Who Are You?

Who Are You? By Luis Velez

Who Are You? By Matthew Mori

Who Are You? By Bobby

Who Are You? By Geno

Who Are You? By Troy

The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien (3) Handouts




writing examples of metaphors, similies

The Things They Carried1

The Things They Carried Assignment#3

The Things They Carried Assignment #4

The Things They Carried Assignment #5

The Things They Carried Assignment #6

The Things They Carried Assignment #7

Tim O’Brien Author Biography

Mitch Albom’s, The Five People You Meet in Heaven Essay Assignment

Born on the Fourth of July by Ron Kovic

Blood Trails by Christopher Ronnau Blood Trails

The Court Martial of Lt. Calley by Richard Hammer

ELA UNITS (2015-2016)

The Giver by Lois Lowry 

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

ELA Units (2014-2015)

Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller

Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Student Poems:

Smoke a poem by Geno Lynch

ELA UNITS: (2013-2014)

Othello by William Shakespeare A

Streetcar Named Desire by Tennesee Williams

Behind Rebel Lines by Seymore Reit

The Boys War by Jim Murphy

The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane

Send ’em South by Alan N. Kay

Crossroads at Gettysburg by Alan N. Kay

ELA Units: (2011-2012) Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage by Alfred Lansing   

Endurance Shackleton’s Voyage

Night by Elie Wiesel

Night PPT By Bobby

Babi Yar By Jake

Dr. Josef Mengele PPT By Sarah

ELA Research Dr

Josef Mengele.pptx by Leo

Night PPT by Noel

Night PPT by Mark Martin


12 Angry Men by Reginald Rose

Twelve Angry Men Study Guide & Vocabulary for Acts 1-2-3.

12 Angry Men Vocabulary Quiz Act I ELA

12 Angry Men ACT II Vocabulary Quiz

Act III 12 Angry Men Vocabulary Quiz

ELA Jury System Assignment PPT/Research Paper

The U.S. Jury System by Bobby & Sarah

The United States Jury System by Student Mark Martin

Jury Duty PPT by Celine and Leo

The Death Penalty by Sarah Bibbey The Death Penalty by Bobby

Capital Punishment by Celine


Passions. People. Careers. Life.

TED.Com Assignment Form 2014-2016

TED.Com Assignment Form

 Ted Ideas #1 by Sarah

Ted Ideas #2 by Jake

Ted Ideas #2 By Carl

Ted Ideas #3 by Bobby

Ted Ideas#3 Same-Sex Marriage By Sarah 


Batman PPT by Joe Bianco

batman-ppt-by-joe-bianco update

Lebron James by Geno Lynch

Babe Ruth PPT by Troy

*In addition to your child’s vocational experience, LABBB & MM offer studies in: 

*21st Century Workplace Skills President Obama’s American’s Jobs Act for Youth


*Career Moves:  cp_gcf_career_plan   cp_gcf_career_research_guide


Early in the morning factory whistle blows

Well John Henry was a little baby Sittin

This Land Is Your Land I Hear America Singing Workin’ Man Blues photo Sean Mucci Graduation 2015Alex Q. Graduation updatedGraduation 2015 for Alex Q

June 2015, Final Exams Almost Over


*Off-Site LABBB Job Placements

*Social Group (Weekly)

*Men’s Group (Weekly)

*Community Service Projects (Habitat for Humanity, Woburn Social Concern, Rosie’s Place)

 LABBBHEATHGRADUATION2014   Ari Thomas 2014 Cross Country Trophy

Woburn High School students taking time out from their volunteer service to complete their academic studies. Impressive!

*Driver’s Education (Summer Session)

*Weight/Cardio & Basic Yoga Training (Summer Session)

*LABBB After-school Activities

*MCAS Preparation Sessions (October thru May)

*Minuteman High School offers sports (with a no-cut policy), as well as cheer-leading, music, PE, drama, and other student clubs. DeCordova Mr. B. & students July 2014DeCordova Troy & Hunter July 2014

            DeCordova Museum 7/2014

              DeCordova Trip July 2014   DeCordova - Friends

Our 2012-2013 summer read aloud book.

Our 2012-2013 summer read aloud book.

The Glory of Their Times by Larry Ritter

Our Summer (2011-2012) Class Read Aloud Book.  Hit a homerun – Learn from those that went before.

OPEN HOUSE October 2011

Our 2010-2011 class summer read aloud book. After the capture of James Whitey Bulger, this tragic story soon will become a major motion picture.



Student Drivers: Rely on your brake and not on your horn. A defensive driver is a good driver.

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“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” LABBB Career Direction students lend a hand at the Woburn Social Concern Food Bank and for Habitat for Humanity.

Why I Wake Early

Hello, sun in my face.

Hello, you who make the morning

and spread it over the fields

and into the faces of the tulips

and the nodding morning glories,

and into the windows of, even, the miserable and the crotchety –

best preacher that ever was,

dear star, that just happens

to be where you are in the universe

to keep us from ever-darkness,

to ease us with warm touching,

to hold us in the great hands of light –

good morning, good morning, good morning.

Watch, now, how I start the day

in happiness, in kindness.

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The Teen Entrepreneur

Have an idea for a business or product?

Check out this assignment from Career Direction student Mr. Leo Raymond.  

Leo Raymond_Project 3 [1]


Augie Nieto and His Quest. “It’s not the breaths you take, it’s how you breathe.”

You Can Be A Healer. Choose & Create Healthy Life Habits & Practices.

Take time to give to yourself.  It sounds so simple but so often as we do and give to others, we overlook our own needs and the time we must have for our own health.  Be kind to yourself first.  Care for your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.  When the three bodies are balanced they are healthy, and one will then be reasonably happy.  At that time, you will be capable of doing great things, while caring for many, giving to many, and encouraging all persons along their journeys. You will be a peaceful warrior.

Where will your education take you? Begin your journey now.

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Thank you to our parents! Open House 2010.

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Think you have what it takes? Join our team and learn a trade from our Career Directions Program Staff